At the Business Innovation Hub, you will often hear about the need for a “new mindset” in relation to business solutions and development. What is mindset and what does a new mindset look like?  First, mindset is defined as a particular way of thinking, or a person’s attitude or set of opinions about something. We […]

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At the BizHub, we believe the level of customer service to be a significant factor contributing to business success and growth. Every business that has customers has the opportunity to provide a positive customer experience with their product or service. Equally true, customers who have a negative experience with the product or service may choose […]

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Retaining high performing employees is vital to growing companies, but sometimes companies miss what the high performing employees want. Companies need to start asking themselves the question “why would they stay with us?”. The main medium used in Afghanistan is what Dan Pink in “Drive” calls “carrots and sticks”. You do a good job, you […]

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